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Government provided healthcare and care for the elderly. Don’t reanimate people older than 70 years of age when their heart fails. The money that saves is better spent on subsidies to Muslim immigrant youth or on Afghan Muslims.

Google translator says: CDA kamerlid: Do not resuscitate 70-plus age discrimination is
Friday, August 22, 2008
AMERSFOORT – CDA kamerlid Ans Willemse, the Inspectorate for Health Care called to investigate the cessation of resuscitation at 70-over in a home in Amersfoort. The home introduced a new policy whereby people of 70 years and older with a cardiac arrest only gereanimeerd would be if they express that wish to put. The quality of life would, in the home after a resuscitation of an older severely poor.
According to Willemse (itself over 70) is no longer resuscitate of 70-plus age discrimination seriously, that she wants Secretary Bussemaker the situation in the Amersfoortse back home runs, and that inspection checks whether this occurs more often in homes. The inspection has announced research to do, in addition, the new home resuscitation directive now suspended.
Willemse: “The policy should be that you reanimeert people unless they themselves have reflected the desire not to be gereanimeerd, not vice versa. In homes often are not, as in nursing homes, people who are seriously ill. This is not the way to those people to go. ”

Not to US Citizens: elect Barack Obama to speed up the movement towards these type of practices. Universal Health Care, social security and mass-immigration are the ingredients of this wonderful cocktail.


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