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Our shield against nature.

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Taking a look at the world’s largest companies one thing hits home. This is it. This is all that stands between us, the defiant and determined shapers and creators, and violent attacks upon us by nature and superstitious, destructive, and jealous man. These are oil companies that extract and provide the fuel to propel our bodies through space and transport our foods and tools to each other. These are pharmaceutical companies that invent complex medicines in lifelong projects to prevent our bodies from decay and constant attacks by a violent nature, to heal wounds sustained by attacks of enemy humans and natural catastrophes, or perhaps even halt the process of natural aging. These are engineering companies, that design and construct the rolling, flying and floating vehicles that safely transport us and our tools through our hostile environment, while lighting our environment in the dark night. These are food companies, that produce the foods that sustain our bodies and give us our vital energies, that experiment with the foods to make them as pleasant to us as possible. And yes, these are also financial companies, that direct our currency units of abstract value around and coordinate and search for the highest possible values through space and time. These last companies are currently our weakest, because they are inherently extra unstable, since not only the value units are manipulated through fractional reserve banking, government fiat money, and a central bank with regulators, but also they are still stumbling along, discovering optimal processes as we advance through time adapting to an ever-changing environment.

The financial sector should be our ultimate tool, where value is directed toward optimal risk-return projects, trying to predict the small invisible hands of the consumers and using a firmer, stronger hand to guide the flows of value to where they are best situated to deal with future demands. The best brains take accumulated wealth, and guide and handle it in such a manner that they will profit from it and through their profits serve to stabilize and secure our larger system of emergent order. Now, however, this system is driven to collapses by its inherent instability because of government meddling. The system would occasionaly fail in its predictions if left alone by government, and on a stable commodity currency with consumers keeping a check on the value of the deposits and loans, which would also be separate functions clearly delineated in contracts, but currently because of the immense added uncertainties because of government enterprise upon, within and flanking the system that is most vulnerable to it, because of the natural interconnectedness of the now unpredictable value-units, the sheer size of failures taking place threaten to undermine the larger culture of property rights, production and invention within a larger order of competing and enterprising human animals.

Our tribal striving for recognition, our attraction to combat and physical competition, our world of scarcity, our superstitious universe-views, our jealousies and group-tendencies, our lack of knowledge in the face of the immense uncertainty we daily confront, and ultimately our nature as mortal animals requires that we channel this violent internal and external nature into a relatively benign quest for progress driven by a process of creative destruction and competition.

This is the promise of Western Individualism. Keeping our independence within a highly interconnected and evolving system we barely understand, emerging out of a ruleset we did not design, and maintaining our spirit of continuous, coordinated attempts to conquer our vulnerabilities and temporarily fortify and expand our position as cooperating individuals untill we eventually all succumb to the never-ending entropy of our hostile universe.


Written by cultured ape

October 7, 2008 at 10:19 pm

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