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Nassim Taleb.

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Down with the tie-wearing economists, the overpaid liars and charlatans of wall street, the jargon using peabrains, the “policy” makers, those talking about “institutions and the global economy”, and stay OUT of our lives, get RID of the federal reserve and all its offshoots, 100% backed gold standard, out with fractional reserve banking, get RID of 90% of the federal government, and get back to the job of protecting us from barbarians within and without our borders. That especially includes Ben “crashed helicopter” Bernanke and Demented Paulson.

Down with the regulators, corporatist crooks, socialists, and other traitors to American liberty. Recall the military and give the socialist/corporatist cities a good clean wiping with our honorable combat brigades.


Written by cultured ape

October 12, 2008 at 10:30 pm

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