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I responded to this post: http://sippicancottage.blogspot.com/2009/03/management-101-from-2006.html

This post is so good I cannot wait reading all the comments to post my own. Why don’t more people get it. TANSTAAFL. Even typing this post is extremely frustrating, knowing all the fancy bullshit that is being peddled by people who somehow end up in positions of power. Even writing it down to explain what is going on is making me despair. A real world exists. Supply and demand exist. Being disciplined and doing a good job at something that is in demand is all we need to do. Prices will equilibrate and direct us to the most useful enterprises. There will always be some people looking for other things to do at different places, people entering and exiting the formal economy. What government does is mess tremendously with this optimizing system. It creates expectations that can not be fulfilled, it twists incentive structures so wasteful activities are undertaken, it prevents readjustment after errors, it rewards profligacy, sloth and dependency. It claims to have superior knowledge and crudely destroys carefully saved caches by prudent citizens. It slowly saps the spirit, dampens creativity and limits our freely chosen options by forcing a suffocating blanket of cowardly tyrannical bureaucrats on us. All for our own good. So we can have “free” (compulsory) “education” (as determined by our betters in government) and “free” “health services”, which will slowly encompass all activities in our lives, because, surely, everything we do is related to our health and longevity. What a nightmare.


Written by cultured ape

March 12, 2009 at 8:57 am

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